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Between the Lines
Not just another CD: A Life-Changing Experience!

Have you been looking for a creative new way to reach the people in your life with the Gospel? Your search is over! Keith's newest CD "Between The Lines" is a collection of twelve powerful originals, including song "Won By One" written by world-renowned song-writer Scott Allen, made popular by his band Mylon and Broken Heart. This is not just another CD, it's a life changing experience!

Scott Allen, Rob Wirtz, and Michael Phelps worked long and hard with Keith to see this audio outreach campaign come to fruition. This project has met great expectations in reaching the lost and strengthening believers all around the world.

Suggested Donation Amount: $19.00

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Toward The Mark
Music with Driving Messages for Everyone!

While producing this, our signature album, God provided highly talented and experienced artists - a tremendous blessing!

The entire team at Toward the Mark believes these songs will encourage everyone who hears them to develop a close personal relationship with, and greater knowledge of, Jesus Christ.

Suggested Donation Amount: $12.00

Toward The Mark celebrates 30 years of serving God and His people
"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death." Revelation 12:11

Take a tour through the first 30 years of Toward The Mark in your copy of this first-ever edition of TTM MAGAZINE! This is no ordinary magazine. This is a testament to God's unspeakable glory! It is the fruit of a year-long project of gathering photos, and testimony-sharing dedicated to document God's moving miraculously in and through the lives of the staff and faithful members of the TTM family.

After receiving his copy of TTM Magazine, a ministry partner, Billy Diggs, called to tell us that this magazine is a "priceless piece of art". He said that when he opened the packet he was "overcome with the feeling that the quality is so high, that I needed to handle it with kid-gloves. I've never seen a piece like this that, just at a glance, glorifies God so tremendously."

See 90 colorful pages of anointed messages and testimonies, our journey in pictures, printed and recorded resources, and more. We invite you to partner with us as we press toward fulfilling God's plan of reaching this end-times generation for the Kingdom of God.

Suggested Donation Amount: $24.00

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Overcoming Intimidation
Silence the intimidating roar of fear in your life!

Has fear kept you from accomplishing your God-given dreams? Has intimidation prevented you from pursuing opportunities?

Don't let fear keep you from using the gifts that God has given to you. Don't allow fear to cause you to take to your grave the songs He meant for you to sing, the books He intended for you to write, or the ministries He wanted you to do.

In this book Keith lays out practical ways by which you can emerge victorious over the fear and intimidation that can rob you of your full potential in God.

Suggested Donation Amount: $15.00

The Crisis of Eroding Integrity
Exposing the Culprit!

In ever increasing numbers Christians are sensing that something is terribly wrong in the Church, but can't quite seem to put their finger on the problem. We have all suffered in one way or another at the hand of this "killer" and it is time we do something about it!

In this book Keith brings to light the deadly shift away from godly integrity that is unleashing all manner of demonic activity into the lives of Christians everywhere. This erosion of integrity has indeed evolved into a full-fledged crisis and, for the sake of the Church's future, it must stop now! Where the standard of godly integrity is not held high, the stagnant stench of lukewarmness will always prevail.

Suggested Donation Amount: $15.00

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The Champion's Crown
The Secret to a Successful Life

What is your vision for yourself? What do you want to accomplish? What do you see your self becoming? Answer these questions honestly, for success requires clear vision of the goal. Most likely, however, your answers to those questions will be radically different from God's answers to those same questions, and unless we align our vision with His, we will always miss the mark.

The crown of the champion awaits those who pursue God's vision to the end.

So, what is God's vision for you? This book contains the answer.

Suggested Donation Amount: $15.00

Twelve Smooth Stones
Your victory is just a stone's throw away!

When confronted with seemingly impossible situations, the temptation is to resort to means that are contrary to God's ways. For example, when David was preparing to fight Goliath, the scripture says that Saul attempted to give David his personal armor and sword to use, which seemed to most onlookers to be a most logical strategy to overcome the giant Philistine. However, David, realizing that Saul's armor was not in God's plan for him, boldly equipped himself with five smooth stones from a nearby stream instead. With five smooth stones and his slingshot, David glorified God and swiftly defeated Goliath. The moral of the story: The plans of men do not provide the greatest victories in our lives, but God's Word always will prevail. Take to heart these twelve teachings, and emerge triumphant over the giants in your own life, as well as David did.

Suggested Donation Amount: $15.00

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Letters From The Front (original, pocket-sized version)
All "Leaves" are cancelled - everybody back to base!

Unlike any other period in history we now live in a time in which global war is raging on three fronts. The first front that has the world's attention is being fought in the blood stained sands of the Middle East. The second front is in the heavenly realm and the third, and perhaps the most subtle, is being fought in the theater of the human mind.

Like it or not, everyone of us is directly affected by each of these battles. In this collection of twelve letters, available in print and audio, Keith touches on many practical ways for a more effective and victorious life in Jesus Christ during these turbulent times.

Suggested Donation Amount: $13.00

Letters From The Front
Essentials for Winning the Good Fight of Faith

Fresh, new cover with the same powerful content of the original pocket-sized version.

Due to the high demand of this group of Keith's teaching letters, we decided to compile them into a second book format.

The series of twelve monthly teaching letters produced in this book format maximizes the distributability of many of Keith's high-impact monthly teaching letters.

Suggested Donation Amount: Hardback: $19.00 / Paperback: $15.00 / Audio: $21.00

The Gold Bar: Five-book Set
The Gold Bar includes a copy of all five of these titles:

Letters From The Front
The Crisis of Eroding Integrity
Keep the Faith; Keep Your Vision
Overcoming Intimidation
Twelve Smooth Stones

Suggested Donation Amount: $60.00

The Life-Changing Mini-Book Series
Dynamite Really Does come in Small Packages!

Anyone who is in pursuit of an intimate relationship with God will be presented at times with opportunities to compromise that relationship. We must come to the place in our hearts where we know without a shadow of a doubt that, "There is nobody or nothing worth our relationship with Jesus Christ!" What is so important about faith that the scriptures say that we cannot please God without it? If we must obtain this most important of gifts in order to please Him, then just how does one begin to walk in the kind of faith that makes God happy? The answer lies in the pages of this little book! What passes for Christianity today bears little to no resemblance to the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. Much like diluting paint to the point that it has become useless, both God and His Word are so misrepresented by so many people that the Gospel is discredited in the eyes of masses of uneducated people. We ignore this situation to our own destruction!

Suggested Donation: $6.00 each / $16.00 for 3
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T-Shirts that Really Pack a Punch
No Subtle Message Here!

TTM-Eagle Project-Mens

TTM-Eagle Project-Ladies
Pastor Brian Cartwright of Bethel temple in Hampton, Virginia said, "I wore mine into Walmart and was approached by several people in just the first few minutes that I was in the store. It's a great outreach tool!" He went on to say that would like to stock some in their Church's bookstore.

Suggested Donation: $19.00 each


TTM Logo Sticker
Show your support for Toward The Mark and take part in TTM's outreach efforts by displaying the TTM logo boldly.
Suggested Donation: (5-inch diameter) $8.00
This sticker's eye-catching symbol preaches an unmistakable message.
Suggested Donations:
2-inch diameter: $5.00
4-inch diameter: $8.00

Thank you for supporting our outreach efforts!

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Noah's Arc
Pro-Surfing DVD Produced by Surfers for Surfers

If you've been looking for an effective way to reach the young people in your life here it is! Over the past several months we have seen both the release of "Noah's Arc" as well as its wonderful success in reaching thousands of folks for the Kingdom of our Almighty God! Footage captured, produced and directed by surf videographer Nic McLean, this all star lineup of professional surfers sharing their testimonies and attacking some of the most powerful waves on the planet promises to both build your faith as well as equip you with a tremendously effective outreach tool. You will see and hear the wonderful testimonies of World ranked surfers like Noah Snyder, CJ Hobgood, Damian Hobgood, Jessie Hines, Mat Beacham and others. You will also hear from "the patriarch" Billy Diggs as well. Anyone who sees this dynamic production cannot help but be totally impressed with the athleticism and uncompromising stand that these world class competitors have made for Jesus Christ!

See National and International surfing champions surf the hottest spots around the world and hear them share their own testimonies of how they met Jesus Christ. Pass this video on to your friends and loved ones.

Suggested Donation Amount: $24.00

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